Latter Rain was the name used for a group in Yahoo! in late 2002. When I began supporting UFAC Ministries (United Faith Assemblies of Christ Ministries) in 2003, I believed that I was contributing as an individual. As time progressed, I learned that Rev. Dr. John Ratnam announced that Latter Rain Ministry from the USA was who they were receiving their support. My focus was on meeting the needs of UFAC Ministries more than what name they were using for the benefactor.

I relented after fourteen years and answered the call to enter the ministry on a full time basis. Unsure of what I was to do exactly or how I was going to do it, I began to seek employment with other ministries. When John came to the states, he told me their was nothing to think about. He told me to start up my own ministry because that is where God is leading. Then he told me how Latter Rain Ministry is practically a household name throughout South India. With that, I registered Latter Rain Ministry with the state of Mississippi on 25 June 2018.

Latter Rain Ministry has several opportunities but for now, the main focus is to work with those who are homeless make the transition from life on the streets, struggling for survival to being an independent and stable member of society. Many of the people that make up the homeless population want that change desperately. However, it is nearly impossible for anyone on the streets to obtain and keep a job while saving for a place to live. Therefore, what is impossible for man to do, God is going to make it possible.